mask lab is the mask you can trust. 

Our Belief

Mask Lab obtains ISO 7 cleanroom certification. 

We desire to provide clean and reliable masks for your daily uses.

Made in Homekong to protect the one you love. 

ISO 7 Clean-room

Our factory is located in tsuen wan million fortune industrial centre, over 5000ft, 

including 4 production line, Air Shower sterilization room and storage. 

Our Mask

Our mask is manufactured in ISO 7 cleanroom 

3 Ply Mask with BFE >99%* PFE>95%*.

4 Ply Nanoporous Mask with BFE >99%* PFE>99%*.

5 Ply Nanoporous Mask with BFE >99%* PFE>95%*.

For the middle layer of the mask (meltblown filter or nanoporous), we try our best to source the high quality one. 


Hong kong has been facing a lot of challenges, we would like to collaborate with local brand and small shops.

To manufacture different products incorporating their ideas and thoughts . 

It may help their business meanwhile offer more pickup point for the customers.

Meltblown filter performance may vary due to the product consistence. We will keep checking about the performance by lab test.